9 Chickweed Rage

034: The Wormhole Is a Franchise

March 2nd, 2024

For some reason, Edda or Amos (here sometimes referred to as Edna and Otis) has gone through a wormhole and now Polly and Lolly are older. How much older? Well, we think The Master intended them to be some specific age (probably because he couldn't wait for them to reach the age of consent, because he is a monster), but the way they are drawn from strip to strip makes it impossible to tell what age that is. Are they supposed to be in their early 20s? Mid-40's? 30s? Also, is there a reason (other than poor execution of course) that they both now have black hair which is going gray? So very fucking weird. There seems to be no reason for Polly and Lolly to have "time traveled" from an "alternative reality" other than to come raid Edda's closet for dresses. (EDITOR'S NOTE: it's ALWAYS alternate reality, no one has ever said alternative reality...until now.) Of course, daughters wearing their mom's clothes is a regular thing in this strip and it ALWAYS makes the mom mad. For some fucking reason. There is so much creepiness and grossness here that it was upsetting for us, including (but not limited to) the strip about Polly and Lolly as children talking about how they enjoy watching their parents dream about having sex. So, yeah, totally normal shit going on here, guys. Look, on this episode, it probably seems like we're just jumping into the middle of an ongoing story while ignoring the necessary prelude. And in a way we are. But here's the thing: We go back and do the research and Ol' Bee Mac-El-Dee plopped us down here with no real explanation. Because he's Just. That. Good. There's a sequence a couple of weeks before this where Edda is launched off a swing into space, but that's as close to a logical explanation as you're ever going to get in this god-forsaken comic.

The Chickweed strips we discuss this episode:

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This episode, which exists in an alternative reality, includes:

  • Running in Griffith Park
  • The Perfect Crime
  • Time-Jumping
  • Edna & Otis
  • Twins
  • Prematurely graying
  • Coors Light "...and twins" commercial
  • Victorian Wasp Waist
  • The Ol' Ben Franklin
  • Weird hands/crab claws
  • The Ring girl
  • Beaver shots
  • Singin' in the Rain
  • Boris Pasternak
  • Alternate realities
  • Little Lord Fauntleroy
  • Playing jacks
  • Improper interrobang usage
  • Mannequin legs
  • Stilts

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