9 Chickweed Rage

014: A Radio Flyer, A Sack of Flour, and a Very Long Pole

November 14th, 2022

Of course, one episode devoted to the imaginary sex rabbit McTwo could never be enough, right? So we spend another day exploring the world of McTwo. This time, we stay primarily in Juliette & Elliott's bedroom, but that doesn't mean the psychological landscape is any simpler. Far from it. There is such outlandish punctuation abuse, it nearly defies belief. But Brooke McEldowney does in fact use over 100 periods IN ONE WORD BUBBLE. Then McTwo joins Juliette & Elliott in their bed, which Juliette finds disconcerting at first but then -- we guess? -- a turn on? Ultimately, we end where we began last episode, specifically, with Juliette angrily "fluffing her pillow." I wish that was slang for something other than punching her pillow, I really do.

The Chickweed strips we discuss this episode:

Juliette is annoyed with Elliott, Elliott conjures McTwo, and McTwo insults Juliette are here.
Mad Juliette, horny Juliette, and mad (post-coital) Juliette are here.

This episode's sexually confused journey includes:

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